Laika57 Clothing

About Laika57

Created in the heart of South East London, Laika57 is meant as an eclectic range of styles and designs partly inspired by the universe and partly by Laika herself – who may only have lived a brief time but who stands out as one of the first inhabitants of this tiny little rock to venture out into the great beyond. Did she know why? No. Did she want to? Doubtful. Is there any really good reason for her to have done so? Unlikely. But as with all human (and canine) endeavour it was done because it could be and where we can we’ll always try to create something new, whether it’s a random drawing or a new frontier out in the stars. No matter how nonsensical either one may be.

Our textiles are all, as far as possible, sustainably sourced and made with respect for the workers involved. As such it’s all GOTs and FairWear certified. Printing is done in the UK by Living Wage employers and production is carbon neutral.

All the designs you see come from Dylan Orchard – me. While I try to keep a definite feel to the style of Laika57 I’ve got no one consistent style with my general artwork. Why limit yourself when there’s an infinite amount of ideas out there waiting to be tried? So from time to time you might see something completely different available here or on my personal site and, for me, that’s how it should be. All art and creativity is chaotic, there is no one right way for any of us.